Attico - Veneer

Attico, Milan, Salone satellite during Milan Design Week 2012

Designer: Cristina Celestino

Materials: ALPi wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluteck, adhesive film, resin.
Size: hight from 35 cm to 53 cm


Collection of vases “Veneer” created with the wrapping technique: the vases are composed of layers of essences of ALPI wood, carbon, glass fibre and adhesive films directly wrapped on steel spindles and then polymerized in an autoclave. The language of the stratified material is interpreted as an aesthetic value, the plot of a story made of lightness, texture and resistance that amplifies these diversities.

The vases combine a blend of textures, colors, and materials that make each one unique. Despite the simple silhouettes, each vase has a interesting aesthetic that stems from the pattern and texture of their designs: the result is a stunning mixture of nature and manmade components. ATTICO applies an industrial process to a domestic object with a combination of both domestic and industrial materials. The pieces almost look like offcuts of a larger fabrication, but the height level of craftsman work, the stripes of color, material and texture, lend each piece a singularity.