ALPI wood in Ukraine

We think that the design of veneer is an important component of a successful interior or furniture. Because, when a customer comes into the store, the first thing he pays attention to a color and design of finish. After that client probably touches the surface and then he would like to examine product closely. Afterwards, the client usually examines utility and start thinking about purchase.

Thus, we believe that the design and quality of the veneer is one of the most important parts of a gallant furniture and genteel interior.

We are official Ukrainian representative of Italian wood manufacturer ALPI. During the last 95 years factory achieved a reputation of the most reliable brand of designer wood in the world. Due to may colaborations with worldwide famous designers Piero Lissoni, Campana Brothers и FRONT, ALPI continues to be on the cutting edge of design.

The brand is more and more relevant on Ukrainian market due to joint project and colaborations with Ukrainian leading designers: YOD Design, Dreamdesign, Pavel Vetrov, Makhno Architects, FILD, ODESD2.



Head Office in Kyiv
8 Remontna st.
+38 091 309-00-90
+38 044 567-09-00
Work hours: 9 AM - 5 PM

Demo-Stand in Kyiv Downtown
26 Lesi Ukrainki blvd  //  appointment

Office in Dnipro
7 Zavodska Naberezhna, office 513
+38 068 858-57-59

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Samples by the piece

If you need some samples of veneer in A4 size, you can fill out the form of order and we will send them to you on a same day and delivery is free for you.



Catalogue is the best opportunity to choose veneer in your salon or in the customer`s office. We have created several types of folders to satisfy your requirements.


Demo stands

We have created places where you can choose veneer in comfortable atmosphere. Full range of lacquered veneer samples is at your disposal.


Shipment and delivery

We load veneer from 1 sheet. For delivery we cooperate with the leading transport companies


Next to you

You can select, order and secure veneer in the nearest rep. office of Legnoprom all over Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odessa, Zaporizhia.


TExtures for designers

You can download free photos of Alpi veneers in full format (2500х650mm, photo definition 3500х900px).


ALPI wood

Less waste. Practically all defects of wood are excluded at the stage of preparation of stump veneer.

Uniform quality, color and texture. The absence of defects typically found in traditional wood, the uniformity and reproducibility of colors and sizes make this wood ideally suitable for customized items or production batches.

World renowned design. Alpi family has lent a weighty contribution to birth and development of Italian design.

Environmentally responsible. All Alpi veneer is poplar, basswood or ayous-based and all the wood is sourced from responsible and sustainable forestry management. Alpi does not use rare or protected species and consistently ensure woodland replanting.

Alpi wood veneer (Standard ISO 18775) is usually available in sheets of the following sizes:

Length: 2000, 2200, 2500, 2800, 3150 mm. 
Width: from 260 mm to 680 mm. 
Thickness: ~0,55 mm.


5 minute animation about Alpi wood:

Short video review of Alpi Finder Design Week: