François Dumas

The uniqueness of the ALPI woods was chosen for the SUPPORTS/SURFACES* exhibition, curated by Studio Vedèt inside SEE••DS, a space between gallery and design store aim to promote the experimental design through an unconventional language

François Dumas, the elected designer for this project managed to realize an exhibition narrative that mixes the need to exhibiting the work of his colleagues as well as bringing out his own.

The space is designed with few materials and non-conventional techniques: 200 meters of profiles in aluminum assuming unprecedented curves for tables, lighting systems, consoles creating new and bespoke stages for each of this objects.

The wood collection ALPI Textiled drawn by Matteo Ragni was selected to enrich these objects: original proposals, characterized by a decorative spirit that plays on the wood colors inspiring to the pattern of the classical men’s fabrics as twill, chalked, velvet, spiked.

Шпон Smoky Velvet.