Новый финиш коренным образом меняет образ предмета. Торшер Ova и кофейный стол N2 в шпоне Dark grey lati итальянской фабрики Alpi выглядят респектабельно и подчеркнуто солидно.

All objects by ODESD2 are available in different covers and upholsteries. New finish completely changes an appearance of object. OVA floor lamp and N2 coffee table look emphatically respectful and adult with veneer "Dark grey lati" by Italian brand Alpi. V1 lounge chair with veneered legs changes not so conspicuous.

All 3 objects were produced special for Alpi Finder design week.
Photo: Andrey Bezuglov

Шпон в проекте: Dark Grey Lati